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You have found the website of John Strawser Jr., a Columbus, Ohio-based developer.

Front-End Development, CSS, HTML, ReactJS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Shopify, Wordpress

I’m a web developer at g2o. I’ve been a developer at Wondersauce, Resource & R/GA previously.

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Fostering Dogs


About a year & a half ago, I adopted my dog Rita from RescuedOhio. About 4 years before that, I adopted my dog Ringo from the Franklin County Dog Shelter. When I adopted Ringo, I had a job that allowed me to bring Ringo to work, but eventually I changed jobs. Knowing Ringo would be home alone a lot more, I figured he would appreciate having a friend at home.

I had always wanted to try volunteering/fostering with a rescue group. A friend of mine pointed me to RescuedOhio & I quickly got involved. Over the next 2 years, I would foster more than 15 dogs. I knew the goal was to adopt a dog - but I didn't want to keep the first dog I liked.

Beyond opening up your home, the rescue group provides all you need. Food, medicine, & more. I would recommend it to anybody who loves dogs & wants to volunteer some time. PS - there are also other ways to volunteer beyond fostering dogs.