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Building This Site


As a developer, I don't like relinquishing control. Of course, you must learn to delegate tasks to other developers. But what about control of your code? You hand-off common tasks to NPM packages you install all the time. You probably use a bundler, & I'm guessing you don't have total understanding of what it does. Well, I certainly don't. I started actually posting on this site so I had a personal playground to mess around & learn some of this.

The first step was to create my own personal local development setup. Webpack was a black box to me. I also wanted to dig into server-side best practices with Express. I wanted live reload. I wanted to use Handlebars. The end goal is to have a codebase that is big enough to encounter real performance issues, where I can tweak & learn. Anyway - this article is kind of rambling but it my blog so I'll do what I want. I'll have a follow-up article explaining my setup down the road. If you're impatient, here are a couple articles that put me on the right path.